domingo, 14 de junio de 2009

Adanes en fuga

Si en el edén
de los dioses
tus manos me
diesen del
fruto impedido,
no dudaría en
infringir el
pleno de
hombría llevase
a mi boca
la entera semilla
que son
tus caricias.

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  1. What if I never left
    stayed in Eden
    apple in hand
    you go
    as you must
    but I am my own design
    though created from you
    I will not partake
    in your wars
    and aggression
    conquer the world
    with blood and lies
    it is yours
    I do not want it
    retaking my innocence
    one bite at a time
    remaining here
    as I was incarnated
    chaste and unadorned
    I did not lead you astray
    it was only curiosity
    never malice
    that made me yours
    her in Eden
    I am still Eve
    she, who does not mind
    the walk alone.


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